What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a man-made (Well in our case Woman made) metaphysical substance – that needs three basic ingredients to function. 50% Resin which represents the organic substance, 50% well conducting metal which represents the Inorganic Substance and clear quartz crystal which smoothes frequencies.

The resin is an organic substance which attracts the negative frequencies and the metal inside it repels, so you have attraction repulsion happening at very high frequencies, causing a scrubbing effect.

How Does Orgonite work?

Orgonite Scalar devices work with frequencies and frequencies are all around us. Some negative, some positive.

An Orgonite scalar device gathers these negative frequencies and changes them into frequencies that are smoother waveforms and therefore better for Human’s, Plants and animals.

This chaotic energy is unstructured energy, when we place crystals inside the resin, specifically Quartz crystal, they have the ability transform and transmute this chaotic energy which is unbalanced. Smooth it and balance it.

The energy turns positive; it becomes good balanced frequencies which all living things respond to positively.

We’re surrounded with too many negative frequencies; anything that can bring us back into balance is helpful and beneficial. That is essentially what Orgonite Scalar devices do.

Orgonite has the ability to cleanse the immediate environment of negative frequencies. Not only frequencies caused by technology as mentioned earlier – we need to be aware of how the frequency of others and the media we consume affect us too! We respond electromagnetically to others in our environment, like how a person in a bad mood can affect those around them. Or a room full of inspiring woman like this one, can increase the vibration of everyone in it!

How Orgonite Works

The Benefits of Orgonite

Protection against Electromagnetic frequencies from technology

We use our devices all day every day, cell phones, tablets, laptop’s, computers – all of these produce harmful EMF’s. We have designed our cell phone Orgonite with added Shungite and Lepedolite which are crystals with specific EMF shielding capabilities.

EMF Protection

Better Sleep with more vivid dreams

There are many benefits to a good night’s sleep. Including a sharper brain, better moods, a healthier heart, more resilience to diseases etc.

Better Sleep, Vivid Dreams

Accelerated Plant Growth

This is one of the more exciting benefits of Orgonite for me personally, I love urban farming! This image is from an experiment performed by Orgonite Art in  2005, there is definitely a noticeable difference in the plant growth. There are many such Experiments that can be found online. In combination with Ormus – you will get a huge increase in yield from your plants

Accelerated Plant Growth

Restructuring Water

Everything we consume can benefit from the positive effects of Orgonite.

Water is one of the most abundant and interesting substances on the planet, it makes up in excess 70% of the earth, of our bodies and all of the fresh fruit and vegetables we consume.

Orgonite re-structures water molecules broken down by negative wave forms that surround us from electricity, radio frequencies and wireless technologies.

Orgonite is especially effective for harmonizing and balancing water.

Restructuring Water