What is Orgonite?

The Science behind Orgonite

Some Quick Facts About Orgonite:

  • Simple. Easy to make. Works continuously.
  • Turns negative energy into positive energy.
  • Purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water, ends drought.
  • Helps plants grow better, repels pests & require less water.
  • Mitigates harmful effects of EMF radiation.
  • Disarms and repels predatory forms of life.
  • Inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced, happier moods.
  • Frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares.
  • Helps awaken your innate psychic senses.

But how?

Since the dawn of time; the world has been suffused with positive etheric energy (Chi) and in this positive environment; Life became possible in the first place and thrived in good health for eons.

With the discovery of electrical generation; Mankind inadvertently also discovered the way to disrupt the etheric field of the Earth with increasingly devastating consequences.

Water, in its various manifestations, is almost everywhere on Earth and forms the conductor for life energy to flow throughout the environment.

Electrical cables, installations and devices of all kinds emit varying quantities of ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) which splits the ambient water molecules into H+ and OH- ions.

This effectively removes the water from the area and with it; the positive life force upon which the health of all living organisms thrive.

This accounts for the disruption of the natural weather systems in recent times and also explains why our health suffers when we remain for long periods in areas charged with EMR.

As it took EMR to split the water molecules into ions; it follows that when the EMR is removed, the ions will reform into water molecules.

When this happens; the positive life energy flows back into the area and all living systems return to good health.

Orgonite simply removes the EMR from its immediate environment (through induction and electrostriction) restoring the area to good etheric health.

“While the traditional explanation of how Orgonite works is appealing in its straight forward, easily understood simplicity; obviously the underlying cause and effect are more complex than originally assumed”.

A quote from Steven. J. Smith a modern Orgonite researcher and Scientist

Here we will delve into some of the more technical explanations of orgonite.

You will find very few scientific explanations about Orgonite, because from an official point of view it remains a pseudo science. This is however completely false, a consequence of the compartmentalization of fields of research in biology, chemistry, physics, etc. It is necessary to bind many domains to study orgonite.

Without a degree in quantum mechanics many of the reasons Orgonite works will elude the average person.

There is real Science that when put together explains the effects Orgonite has on its immediate environment.

Basic scientific principles that are attributed to Orgonite:

  1. Entropy and Disentropy
  2. The Peizo-electric effect
  3. The Quartz Oscilator
  4. Electrostriction
  5. The effects on water molecules
  6. Empirical Observations
  7. Orgonite and EMF/EMR


We can summarize “simply” the whole process that occurs in an orgonite as follows.
The crystalline structure of stones, minerals and resin in the orgonite coordinates the waves that circulate and interact within it. Any other addition that has an harmonizing/structuring effect on the waves participates in this coordination. Orgonite amplifies the structuring/harmonizing effects of everything it contains and thanks to it these effects can propagate in the surrounding electromagnetic environment.

Entropy and Disentropy

Entropy is the principle of reduction of complexity, thereby liberating the stored energy. This takes place when we burn fossil fuels, split the atom or basically any technological process that mankind has recently come up with. Entropy is the idea of destroying something in order to utilise it or rather a minimal aspect of it.

We can find that the scientific paradigm of mainstream 20th century thinking understands only processes that are based on entropy. The ultimate idea of entropy is death because at some point in the future all differences in energy levels or potentials must necessarily be depleted.

The concept of orgone postulates a principle that is opposed to entropy, a creative organising force. This force can be equated with life. Strangely, although our well equipped and funded corporate and state scientists can describe many intricate processes in living organisms the miracle of life itself largely remains an enigma to them.

Learning to harness the creative power of Orgone will lead to an understanding of what is now called “free energy”, a concept ridiculed by entropic science because it contradicts the “2nd Law of Thermodynamics”.

The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed; the total quantity of energy in the universe stays the same. 

The Second Law states that there is a natural tendency of any isolated system to degenerate into a more disordered state, this is entropy.

Quantum mechanics refers to Disentropy as “zero point energy” – as explored by Nicola Tesla. 99% of matter is space, as per the first rule there is a quantitive amount of energy in this space, always moving and changing – it is this energy that Orgonite works on.

The Piezoelectric effect

Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials in response to applied mechanical stress.

The most well known, and the first piezoelectric material used in electronic devices is the quartz crystal. Other naturally occurring piezoelectric materials include cane sugar, Rochelle salt, topaz, tourmaline, and even bone.

With the research I have done on the subject, the Piezoelectric effect seems to be the most misunderstood part of how Orgonite works. Many Orgonite makers are of the opinion that the Piezoelectric creates a perpetual battery due to the compressive force of the resin on the crystalline structures within the Orgonite. This is not entirely true, for the Piezoelectric effect to be continuous the crystals would need to be compressed and then tensioned again.

However, at the moment when the resin hardens the crystals generate multiple harmonic electrical signals that promote an ordered crystalline structure that will remain forever imprinted inside the orgonite. It is said everywhere that quartz (or a variety of quartz, amethyst, pink quartz, etc.) is essential to the composition of the orgonite. Indeed, this is of a primordial importance at the time of catalysis, when the resin hardens.

The fact that it is compressed at this time makes it possible to ‘program’ the Orgonite with specific frequencies. Music or intention frequencies, when coherent/harmonic vibrations are present while the resin catalyses, they all induce a certain crystalline arrangement which will remain permanently in the resin.

The Quartz Oscilator

In order to understand a large part of the functioning of an orgonite, it is necessary to understand how a quartz oscillator works. The way any quartz oscillator works is always the same, an initial random signal is injected into the circuit, it is generally the background noise of the circuit itself, then the signal passes through the quartz, a new signal at a more precise frequency emerges, then this new signal returns to quartz, which provides an even more accurate one, etc. Until a signal with a perfect oscillation is obtained. In practice this occurs in the blink of an eye, when a quartz oscillator is switched on, a signal with a perfect oscillation is almost instantaneously produced.

In an electronic circuit, the quartz is precisely cut and embedded in a metal container to produce the desired oscillation frequency.

In practical terms, we start with an erratic electrical signal like this:

And we get a signal like this:

Hence the utility of quartz in watches, because a perfect signal oscillating at a very precise frequency is availble.

For example, the value 32768 Hz is very used, which means that the signal oscillates exactly 32768 times per second. Thus with another measurement circuit one can calculate a second precisely because it is known that there is a clear reference signal which oscillates exactly 32768 times per second.

A quartz oscillator works thanks to the electrostrictive properties of quartz. When Quartz is subjected to an electric field it deforms (microscopically) and then regains its original shape and generating another electric field in return. This technology is used in Sonar, Ultrasound and a plethora of other applications for measurement.


Electrostriction is a property of all dielectrics, i.e. all electrically insulating/non-conductive materials. The majority of all semi-precious stones fall into this category, quartz evidently, quartz varieties (rose quartz, amethyst, citrine..) and all other kinds of non-conductive stones, tiger eye, tourmaline, jasper, calcite, etc. The resin itself, glass and any insulating material. It is a property of all dielectrics known since a long time, but science is not very interested in the study of electrostrictive reactions of minerals or semi-precious stones.

When it comes to discovering better ways to produce polymers for the industry, improving the structural properties of these materials, there is plenty of research…

Just remember that almost all minerals are electrostrictive, i.e. they react to the electric fields to which they are subjected. Take good note that we are speaking of electric fields, and not electromagnetic fields.

This means that a change of polarity of the electric field will have no effect. Whereas in the case of the inverse piezoelectric effect, the effect is linearly proportional to the electric polarization. Electrostriction is a general property of all dielectrics, whereas piezoelectricity and inverse piezoelectricity is restricted to certain crystals with specific symmetries, notably quartz. For the effects of energy generation, it is the piezoelectric effect that is used, but in the quartz oscillators, it is electrostriction.

The electrostrictive response of minerals in orgonite is a centerpiece. Because the stones have a precise crystalline structure, or in other words, a very orderly atomic structure.

Since resin is non-conductive, it is also electrostrictive, but it does not normally have a very orderly crystal structure. However, in the presence of music and/or other vibrations during the hardening of the resin, it is possible to give it an ordered crystal structure as well.

The mix of electromagnetic waves received by orgonite is modified to reemit others more coherent ones, which by interference bring more harmony in the electromagnetic environment.

Almost everything in the orgonite will have an effect. But it is good to count on some sure bases that should always be present, i.e. The basic quartz, which crystallizes a crystalline structure during catalysis and minerals/stones which are certain to have a crystalline structure and electrostrictive properties.

The Effects on Water Molecules

Orgone energy exists as an ionic charge in atmospheric water vapor.

Normal water vapor consists of H2O molecules.  But under the influence of sun light, and planetary electric field, some of these water molecules disassociate (break down) into H+ and OH- ions.  An ion is an atom (or molecule) that has one more ( – ) or one less ( + ) electron than a normal (uncharged) molecular species.

In this case the water molecule is split apart, and the electron normally associated with the hydrogen atom (H), remains “stuck” to the remainder of the water molecule (OH).  Hence we end up with a H+ and an OH- pair of ions.

Now ions do not behave like naked electric charges (electrons).  For one thing, they cannot be “grounded out” by metal conductors (like conventional electricity).  Another peculiar aspect of water ion pairs involves how they gain and release energy.  In particular, the OH- ion acts as a MASER.  This is the microwave equivalent of a LASER.

Since it took energy to break the water vapor molecule apart into H+ and OH- ions, it follows that energy must be released before the original (uncharged) H2O molecule can reform.  However, other phenomena can interfere that unbalance the population of H+ and OH- ions.  If this happens, and excess of H+ or OH- ions is left over as a residue.

It is my hypothesis that an excess of (atmospheric) H+ ions is what Orgone researchers are calling DOR, and an excess of (atmospheric) OH- ions is what Orgone researchers are calling POR.

I know from previous experiments that a (living) human body has an electric field surrounding it.  I have measured this field directly using standard electronic instruments (an oscilloscope).  The measurement was made without any direct (physical) contact with the test subject.  I could actually see respiration and heart beat fluctuations in the field.  Other mammals also exhibit this (living) electric field.  And the field dissipates (goes away) when the animal dies…

The living electric field always has the same orientation and polarity.  Therefore one species of water vapor ion would enhance the field, while the other species of water vapor ion would interfere with the field.  Based on field polarity, negative ions (OH-) should enhance the living electric field.

Next, what sort of processes could unbalance the H+ to OH- ratio in atmospheric water vapor?  Well, one thing that comes to mind is the deliberate introduction of a chemical (into the upper atmosphere) that has a greater affinity for one ion species over the other.  (Chemtrails)

AND this effect could be enhanced by deliberately flooding the atmosphere with microwave radiation tuned to break up water vapor molecules into H+ and OH- ions, thereby augmenting the natural processes that create these ions.  (Cell Towers)

For me, one of the key pieces of evidence is the fact that atmospheric water vapor will precipitate (rain, snow, sleet, etc.), while H+ and OH- ions will not.  That white haze you describe is disassociated water (ions), and the “washed out” blue sky are areas where the ions are not yet thick enough to be perceived as a true “haze”.

Now from past experiments, we know that CB interaction is EM based, not particulate based (metal caps disable Croft CBs, wood and plastic do not).

Therefore, the CB can’t be interacting directly with the ions, since these are particulate in nature.  In other words, ions can’t pass through plastic or wood, while EM radiation can pass through plastic and wood, but not through metal.

But metal, or any conductive material can reflect EM radiation (operating principal behind radar).  Now as it turns out, there is a conductive layer at the top of the atmosphere known as the ionosphere and radio waves bounce off this layer (that’s how it was first discovered).

So…  We have a thick layer of dissociated water vapor (H+ and OH- ions) trapped between an EM reflective upper layer (the ionosphere), and a ground layer being flooded with microwave radiation (cell towers).  And as I previously pointed out, it took energy to disassociate the water molecules into ions, and that energy MUST be removed (dissipated) before the ions can recombine back into water molecules.  AND until the ions recombine back into water molecules, they can’t precipitate out of the atmosphere as rain…

But the energy is trapped…  No place to go…  However, when we introduce a CB into the environment, the white haze turns back into normal clouds, and the sky turns back into a nice deep blue color.

Therefore, the CB must be dissipating (draining off) the energy stored in the H+ and OH- ions, thereby allowing them to recombine back into water vapor.  And since the atmosphere was super saturated with disassociated (ionized) water molecules (due to the fact ions can’t precipitate), after introducing a CB into the environment, clouds begin to form and rain becomes possible again.

Steven J Smith’s understanding of how Orgonite works:

Steven told me that the resin-insulated spiral-form metal shavings work in a similar way to electrical inductors and absorb all the ambient negative energies (mainly EMR).

The crystal pieces in orgonite serve to change this EM radiation into heat through the process of Electro-striction (the converse of the Piezo-electric effect) and so the energy is released in a harmless form.

Piezoelectric:   Change in shape causes an electric field.
Electro-striction:  Electric field causes change in shape.

Now the actual change in shape is very small, quantum in nature.  A few thousandths of an inch at most, but in some applications this is still useful…  “

We’ve all been told that Orgonite ‘absorbs DOR and converts it into POR’ whereas the true picture is clearly a little more complex.

It is not often mentioned that there are two distinct functional levels of orgonite: They may be called the Primary function and the Secondary function.

To make my explanation clearer; perhaps a quick reminder of what orgonite does and how it affects the immediate environment may be useful.

Positive etheric energy (Chi, Orgone, Prana etc) has always been abundant on Earth. It was due to this positive etheric environment that Life became possible in the first place and continued to thrive in pristine health for eons.

With the discovery of electrical generation; Man inadvertently found a way to disrupt this positive etheric environment with increasingly disastrous results.

All electrical appliances of whatever size emit varying quantities of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) which has the effect of splitting the H2O molecules into H+ and OH- ions.

The positive etheric energy (let’s call it Chi) depends on water, in its various forms, as a conductor and so areas that are charged with EMR become commensurately Chi-depleted and any life forms there begin to suffer.

Orgonite absorbs and neutralizes EMR allowing the ions to reform into water molecules.

When this happens; the positive Chi flows back into the area and all life forms begin to return to good health.

This neutralizing function is what I am referring to as orgonite’s Primary Function and it is a prerequisite to the workings of all orgonite devices.

The Secondary Function of orgonite involves ways in which the positive Chi (which abounds in areas where the EMR has been removed) can be manipulated and enhanced for particular reasons.

Coils are often used to channel the flow of Chi in a particular direction and gemstone combinations are employed for their capacity to enhance the energy.

In this way; ‘healing orgonite’ can be created to produce specific etheric effects.

These ‘secondary’ ingredients are irrelevant to orgonite’s primary function but the basic mixture of metal shavings, natural crystal and resin are essential to all orgonite devices.

This distinction between the two different functions of orgonite is rarely mentioned and may not even be recognized by the very people who make orgonite.

This leaves the novice orgonite maker with a very confused idea of the basic ingredients necessary to make a working piece of orgonite.

It may be understood from this explanation that the coils and gemstone combinations don’t even need to be part of the same physical package as the primary orgonite matrix (metal shavings, crystal material and resin).

As long as they are in the same area; they will modify, direct and enhance the positive Chi just as well, if not better, than if they were cast in the same resin block.

This may go some way to explaining the Plasterite controversy.

The plaster presents no barrier to the positive Chi and makes a handy base for the gemstones, metal oxides, coils etc that serve to manipulate and enhance the positive energy which flows back into the area when the simple orgonite matrix removes the EMR.

Empirical Observations

The spiritual approach can be considered empirical because it is a synthesis based on multiple observations, as such a true scientist cannot ignore hundreds or even thousands of similar observations, even if these do not seem to be explainable at first by conventional science.
In absolute terms, the two are inseparable because the people, who imagined things that seemed unreal at a time, have often brought great advances in science. 

The evidence can be collated from all that have experienced the benefits of Orgonite, African Goddess Creations has no shortage of testemonials form clients that have utelised our Orgonite, not to mention the many personal benefits we have achieved from working with it.

Orgonite and EMF/EMR

The accepted theory is that Orgonite absorbs negative waves and transmutes them into positive waves. But if this were the case, an orgonite would massively disrupt wireless communications as it is supposed to change the disturbing electromagnetic signals of these devices into something else that is no longer negative for us. This is not the case at all, wireless communications work very well in the presence of Orgonite.

A basic orgonite is composed of metal chips in resin with a quartz stone. Metal chips in orgonite, like any metal, have the capability to receive and emit electromagnetic fields. The resin is an organic material, therefore electrically insulating. However, an electrical insulator may possess electrostatic dipoles on an atomic scale that react to external electric fields. These electrostatic dipoles are present in the resins used for the creation of orgonite. There is all the beauty of the orgonite, the resin/metal mixture creates an electric conductor of acceptable quality.

To understand what happens when an electromagnetic wave interacts with an orgonite, it is necessary to focus on the resin and metal mixture. The metal captures all the surrounding electromagnetic waves. Any external electromagnetic field captured by metals is decomposed into its electrical part and its magnetic part. The resin containing electrostatic dipoles transmits only the electric fields in the orgonite. This will stimulate the electrostrictive response of the stones (and other additions) included in it and will return new electric fields that will be re-emitted in electromagnetic fields by the metals.

The original electromagnetic fields are not directly modified by the orgonite, which is why it does not disturb any wireless transmission system. Orgonite acts, in part, by interfering with these original signals and with the electromagnetic emanations of living beings, these interferences modify the deleterious reaction of our body w.r.t. to these external waves. These interferences also modify the reaction of our bodies in relation to our own deleterious electromagnetic emanations. You will understand slowly and surely as you keep on reading. We will also have to address the property of wave polarization to explain why orgonites have this effect of neutralizing the harmful effects of artificial waves. 

The terms DOR/POR are very appropriate but also very simplistic, if we want to understand it all more precisely, we have to dig deeper.

It’s complex.

The electrostrictive reaction of the minerals in orgonite is one of the centerpieces of this magnificent creation.

Interaction of the orgonite with the electromagnetic environment

In a extremely simplified way, orgonite picks up the electromagnetic fields around it, modifies them and re-emits new ones that interact by interfering with the previous ones to make them more beneficial to life at each interaction.

It is all, all, all the surrounding electromagnetic fields that come into play, no matter how weak they may be.

All living things emit electromagnetic fields of low intensity, humans, animals, plants, microscopic organisms, absolutely everything. There are of course also artificial sources, Wifi transmitters, radio waves, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, digital TV signals, etc.

For your understanding, an electromagnetic wave is carried by a photon, which means light. The waves that we use for our wireless devices usually have frequencies between a few MHz up to a few GHz. But it’s not just that, UV, infrared, etc. are also electromagnetic waves. These electromagnetic waves have frequencies in the THz regions (thousands of GHz). Visible light is the only frequency band of electromagnetic waves that we can see with our eyes.
The whole environment is electromagnetic.

Let’s not forget another basis of quantum physics: measuring is interference, which gives rise to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, because to be more precise, orgonites help to promote coherent and harmonic wave patterns at all times. The patterns cannot be said to be stationary, they are permanently self-restructuring. Since all atoms, electrons, particles or subatomic vibrations etc. change position, speed, etc. permanently, we are already in a self-restructuring system which keeps a balance constantly. Orgonite improves the quality of this balance by introducing even more coherence and harmony.

Note that we do not even use the term “waves”, or “electromagnetic waves”, because it is not possible to venture to try to explain what really seems to happen in the presence of orgonites. They promote coherent and harmonic patterns at all times of all types of vibrations. For the known energies, but very certainly effects of harmonic coherence also on quantum/non-local scales and in fields of realities quite simply not observable or quantifiable to date.

Our electronic devices have effects on electromagnetic waves etc. But let’s never forget that raw materials like those that make up orgonite have an effect on everything that makes up our reality, even what we haven’t yet understood.

Science is constantly making new discoveries, but these discoveries only highlight phenomena that have always existed. Everything we discover already existed before, it’s just that our technology or understanding was not yet advanced enough to observe/control these phenomena.

What we can state with almost certainty is that the mathematical laws governing the interactions of vibrations are applicable to all the vibrational phenomena that we have discovered so far. So it is a fairly probable extrapolation to consider that they can similarly apply largely to the vibrational phenomena that we do not know, or that we cannot yet measure or detect.

The harmonizing effects of orgonite can very well interact with energies and realities that we do not yet perceive.


There is so much more evidence and study to do on the subject, African Goddess Creations are committed to producing the best Orgonite we possibly can and joining the global movement that is Orgonite.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions on the subject.