What Is Ormus? The group of essential minerals.

What Is Ormus? The group of essential minerals.

What Is Ormus?

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of Ormus…most people haven’t!

TransfOrmus…ORMUS is a group of essential minerals (including the platinum group minerals) that replenishes essential minerals that have been depleted from our diets through environmental degradation, modern agricultural techniques, and contemporary dietary practices. It is derived from salt sources through ancient, but newly re-discovered alchemical processes. It aids in health, healing, and enhances our connection to the spiritual aspects of farming.

ORMUS is a beneficial natural supplement that supports good health and gives the user the ability to get in touch his/her higher self.

The existing products of TransfOrmus all contain the in-house alchemical derivative generically known as Ormus, which is a complex on minerals derived from 5 different salt sources. The final products can be categorised as follows:

  • Skin care products: with the generic brand name of EpidOrmus there is a Face Cream product and a Healing Oil product.
  • Agricultural product: with the generic name of AgriOrmus this liquid or dry “salt” derivative are suitable for use to enhance soil quality, for feeding animals and birds a mineral booster, and in various value-adding activities in the agricultural/healthy food production sphere.
  • Food Grade Ormus for human consumption: AuraOrmus is a food grade product that is used for oral intake by humans to boost mineral intake through the digestive system, feeding the gut flora.
EpidOrmus - Healing Oil - 100ml.j
EpidOrmus – Healing Oil – 100ml

We are currently signing up stockist for the TransfOrmus range of products, please contact us via email to discuss: vaughn@africangoddess.co.za

So what is it? It could be described simply as a potent mineral complex… but there is much more to Ormus than that.

Ormus can be found everywhere, in the air, the soil, plants and even in our bodies. We concentrate this astonishing substance into a liquid that we use in high quality products. We extract the Ormus from 5 super salts, using brine and filtered water.

EpidOrmus – Face Cream – 50ml

ORMUS is a group of essential minerals, which include the platinum group minerals. Ormus replenishes soil depleted by environmental degradation and modern agricultural techniques. Along with many others, precious metal minerals like gold, platinum, silver and iridium are transformed in the process to their “mono-atomic” or M-state. This special non-metallic state is what makes Ormus so potent, safe and fully absorbable by microbes, plants, animals and humans.


Minerals are essential for life. Cells need minerals for healthy growth and maintenance.

A wide spectrum of minerals are present in our Ormus, (at least 70), mostly in trace quantities. These include many minerals that are difficult to get elsewhere.

So on the matter level, ingesting mineral and nutrient dense foods, promotes healthier microbial, plant, animal and human health. Ormus promises to deliver on this vital component of healthy organisms.

We also have Ormus based creams and oils for many skin ailments.


Adding our AgriOrmus to compost or soils where food and feed is being produced, stimulates healthy microbial life tremendously. Microbial populations in healthy soils work in synergy with plant roots to ensure nutrient-dense healthy food. AgriOrmus is totally sustainable and improves soil health over time.

Cells use minerals for energy, and Ormus is the purest form of energy available to them. This is particularly true within the soil microbiome, where mycorrhizae (fungi) supply minerals and other plant foods to plants in exchange for sugars produced by photosynthesis in a beautifully symbiotic relationship. A good supply of AgriOrmus Mineral Complex to the root zone in the soil supports and greatly enhances these miraculous transactions.

Sprouted seeds are another great way to use Ormus. Soak seeds in an AgriOrmus solution before sprouting.

AgriOrmus – 200ml

Discover what Ormus can do for you and your plants.