EnOrmusBud Plant Foliage Spray


TransfOrmus EnOrmusBud – 100ml Accelerate your plant growth!

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Accelerate plant growth!

Pure Ormus for all of your plants. Exceptional microbial feed.

Grow large, healthy and nutrient dense plants.

Enormus Bud provides soil and leaf microbial life enhancers for growing nutrient dense healthy food, with higher yields and enhanced soil health. Enormus Bud grown feed is mineral rich and more nutritious, animals clearly know the difference.

Customers feel that they too are contributing mindfully to the health of Planet Earth and all that share it;

Artificial chemicals temporarily push yields up but does so without due consideration for food quality or the environment. It creates extended effects on humans, animals and plants. The end result is a healthier planet.

Successful results on many field trials, including grapes, citrus, wheat and many others!

• Increased Cellular respiration
• Increases photosynthesis & phototropism
• Increases carbohydrate content of sap
• Increases soil micro flora
• Increases nitrogen fixing bacteria in soil
• Increases phosphorous leaching fungi
• Improves soil aeration
• Lower the use of pesticides
• More drought tolerant
• More transplant tolerant
• Fruit is larger and better tasting
• Increased shelve life
• Increased mineral and vitamin content
• Plants produce sooner

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