Orgonite Large Dome with Rainbow Fluorite


Orgonite Domes containing Fluorite to put in your fridge to keep your fresh fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. Fluorite carries a calm, stable frequency that brings order to chaos, and scattered and discordant energies into cohesion and harmony.

Everything we consume can benefit from the positive effects of Orgonite.

The latest addition to our Orgonite for Food and water range re-structures water molecules broken down by negative wave forms that surround us from electricity, radio frequencies and wireless technologies.

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Orgonite Large Dome with Rainbow Fluorite and Copper SBB Coil

Everything we consume can benefit from the positive effects of Orgonite.

Water is one of the most abundant and interesting substances on the planet, it makes up in excess 70% of the earth, of our bodies and all of the fresh fruit and vegetables we consume.

Orgonite re-structures water molecules broken down by negative wave forms that surround us from electricity, radio frequencies and wireless technologies.

Orgonite is especially effective for harmonizing and balancing water.

  • Vitalizes drinking water, often a change in taste can be observed after only a few minutes of charging.
  • Assists in protection against the negative effects of Fluoride and Chlorine
  • It gives food a better taste and keeps it fresher for longer.
  • Positively Charges natural medicines often making them more potent.
  • Farmers who have grown veggies in the presence of Orgonite have seen it astonishing results and can compare the food grown with and without the use of Orgonite.
  • To be placed in any room within the home or patio area as decoration filling the space with Positive Energy.

Metal Matrix Ingredients:
Metal Shavings: Aluminium, Brass and Copper
Crystal Dust: Clear Quartz, Selenite, Lepidolite, Black Tourmaline and Shungite.

The Top Layer Features A Copper SBB Coil, Clear Quartz and Rainbow Flourite.

SBB Coil is a copper coil placed inside the orgonite so it can direct the flow of energy in desired direction. The coil also considerably increase the power and range of orgonite devices.

Large Dome Size: 60Dia x 30mm.


Warning: Please note that all our Orgonite Protection devices are created in an environment laden with fairy dust and Unicorn magic.

Although every care is taken to rid the resin of air bubbles, some do appear during the curing process and are visible within the finished product. These air bubbles do not interfere with the effectiveness of the product.

None of the devices and technologies presented on constitutes a substitute to adequate medical treatment where applicable.

We do not make any claims as to any health and/or medical benefits of using our devices.

The term “healing”, as used throughout this website, implies healing of the Soul and associated energy bodies and should be legally perceived as meaning, “spiritual healing”.

Cleaning Your Orgonite:  Orgonite is a self cleansing energy tool and therefore does not need to be cleansed nor charged.  Selenite is added to the base Metal Mix which cleanses all of the crystals during production of the item.

Should your Orgonite Piece become dusty from use then simply wash it with dishwashing liquid and rinse under tepid running water, polish it back up with a Microfiber Cloth.  We do offer a Polishing Service – please contact us to arrange.

Programming Your Orgonite:

  1. Crystals get their power once they’re “programmed,” or dedicated to a specific purpose of your choosing. Herewith a few different ways of programming:
  2. Hold the Orgonite in your hand. (Your left hand, preferably, since your left side is your receiving side.)
  3. Stand in natural light, either outside or next to a window.
  4. Say aloud, “I dedicate this Orgonite to the highest good. I ask that it be used in love and light.”
  5. Then, program the Orgonite for a specific use. Think about what you want the Orgonite Piece to support you with, be it: Communication, Love, Abundance or Grounding. While still holding the Orgonite in your left hand, visualize and feel into what it would be like if you were to achieve that intention.
  6. Once you’ve envisioned the Orgonite’s purpose, finish the process by saying aloud: “I dedicate this Orgonite for the [your purpose].”
  7. Keep your Orgonite in your immediate environment for seven days to further connect with the item.

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