Amethyst Orgonite Mini Charging Plate


Amethyst Orgonite Mini Charging Plate

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Orgonite Mini Charging Plate with Amethyst and Alloy Metal Charms

Orgonite Charging Plates and Coasters are used specifically for charging water and food items bringing all the benefits of Orgonite to anything we consume that is placed on top of them.

Everything we consume can benefit from the positive effects of Orgonite.

Water is one of the most abundant and interesting substances on the planet, it makes up in excess 70% of the earth, of our bodies and all of the fresh fruit and vegetables we consume.

Orgonite re-structures water molecules broken down by negative wave forms that surround us from electricity, radio frequencies and wireless technologies.

Orgonite is especially effective for harmonizing and balancing water.

  • Vitalises drinking water, often a change in taste can be observed after only a few minutes of charging.
  • Assists in protection against the negative effects of Fluoride and Chlorine
  • It gives food a better taste and keeps it fresher for longer.
  • Positively Charges natural medicines often making them more potent.
  • Farmers who have grown veggies in the presence of Orgonite have seen it astonishing results and can compare the food grown with and without the use of Orgonite.
  • To be placed in any room within the home or patio area as decoration filling the space with Positive Energy.

Size: 8diameter x 0.8cm in thickness



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