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At African Goddess Creations we pride ourselves on making aesthetically beautiful Orgonite, this shines through in all of our Custom Orgonite Projects.

Orgonite is amongst the most effective remedies for clearing negative energies. Orgonite is amongst the most effective remedies for clearing negative energies. It’s also one of the more affordable and most readily available. The only thing that stops many people from using it is that it can often be unpleasant looking.

Orgonite doesn’t have to be aesthetically displeasing, though! African Goddess Creations makes Orgonite that is not only beautiful but functional too!

Real and lasting results.

Real and lasting results from using Orgonite. Strength, clarity and balance. Better sleep, clearer thought and the feeling of protection.

Protection from what you don’t know.

Our devices protect you from unknown energies or factors such as static electricity, radiated static electrical charges (commonly referred to as “stray voltage” or “stray electromagnetic radiation” (SEMR) and other forms of electromagnetic pollution, and induced electrical currents — also referred to as “dirty electricity” and other forms of electromagnetic interference (EMI), and wireless energy transfer (wireless power transfer or WPT).

Protection from what you do know.

Our devices protect you from known energies such as electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electromagnetic forces generated by man-made wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, cellular telephones, cell towers, radio, microwave transmission towers, directional microwave antenna beam installations (used by police and fire departments), military devices, building materials with embedded RFID tags, etc.

The beauty all comes from fine craftsmanship, with exceptional attention to detail. The culmination of thorough research, with focused intention, to help you.


Orgonite Workshop

Hard at work in our Workshop

African Goddess Creations Orgonite is all hand made, sanded and polished to provide you with Orgonite of the highest quality and a shine to match the energy they produce.

Custom Orgonite Lead Times:

Custom Items carry a calendar month lead time: this waiting time period may be shorter but we prefer to under-promise and over-deliver!  

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