Orgonite on Wifi Router

Orgonite in the Home and Office

There are many practical uses for Orgonite in the home and office environment. Where you place the Orgonite depends on what function you would like it to perform.

In previous articles we have discussed the benefits of Orgonite, here is a quick re-cap of how Orgonite can benefit you in the home or office environment.

Orgonite in the home

There are three main ways Orgonite can benefit you in your home, these benefits are as a result of the protection against harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies and radiation:

  1. Better sleep with more vivid dreams
  2. Re-structuring the water that you drink
  3. Keeping your food in your Fridge fresher for longer

Orgonite in the bedroom

Placing Orgonite in the bedroom, generally next to or under your bed promotes better sleep with more vivid dreams. This is achieved by the Orgonite filtering the electrosmog that is caused by the electricity running in our walls and the devices that many of us sleep with next to our beds. Although Orgonite is a great tool for filtering out EMF/EMR it is always a great idea to turn your devices on to flight mode before sleeping. 

Orgonite in the kitchen

Orgonite assists with the re-structuring of the water you consume, working on the same principles as the experiments done my Dr Masaru Emoto on how water exposed to good intentions restructures water on a molecular level. 

Orgonite transmutes harmful electromagnetic waves to smoother ones fit for all living things; this is how it keeps our food fresher for longer in the fridge. A little known fact is that our refrigerators produce an enormous amount of EMF which effects the food we keep. Because fruit or vegetable still have electrical charge once harvested, Orgonite assists in keeping it fresh for longer.

Orgonite and water jugOrgonite on kettle

Orgonite in the office

The main benefits of Orgonite in your office environment are for the Electromagnetic Radiation that we are surrounded by. Placing Orgonite in your office will mitigate the EMR emitted by all the tools you have to use in the modern day office.

The electro smog that is being created by these devices has become ubiquitous, all one needs to do is to look at all the wifi connections that are ion range of your cell phone to see how much electromagnetic radiation we are being bombarded by.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits of Orgonite, an added benefit is it’s effect on everyone in an environment, because it protects us from an invisible enemy, Orgonite brings about a calm and great dispo9sition to anyone within its immediate range.